Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just An Average Joe

I'm honored to have been included in a roundup of six favorite "yacht blogs" by the writers and editors of The Helium Report. I love their description of Zephyr...though at first I was a bit put off to be cited as an "average Joe" on reflection I decided that, while it might not be sexy, it's more than accurate. As much as I might have rubbed elbows with a few sailing rock stars at one time I surely don't any longer. And I never was a rock star myself...a fair sailor, yes and reliable in a blow but I'm in good company there. Now I'm the father of two young children, happily married and report to work for a major corporation nearly every day of the week. I may choose Dogfish Head Pale Ale over Budweiser when it comes to suds and you won't see me sporting a "wife beater" undershirt. But average Joe I am and damn proud of it, in fact. Not to mention very pleased to have been called out at all! Thank you Sue Pierce...

From The Helium Report: Zephyr (sail) is the personal blog of a regular joe who used to crew racing yachts. This New England sailor writes about “sailing culture” and uses poems, song lyrics and pictures of his 5-year-old son’s first overnight sailing trip to remind his readers of the magic of boating. The site also provides news of the sailing world, great shots from major regattas and the blogger’s two cents on media coverage of sailing topics.


Tillerman said...

Congratulations average Joe. You are in heady company indeed by making that list.

The other thing that struck me was that I thought I had pretty good awareness of all the sailing blogs out there but of the six on the list I only knew Zephyr and Sailscape before.

Jenifer said...

The future in TV seems to be "user published", as in You Tube, and reality.

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